Want to Contribute?

If you’re interested in contributing to Our Words, I’d love to have you!

I’m interested in just about anything, from interviews, essays, book reviews, and whatever else you’re interested in. The sky is the limit. Please pitch me your idea(s).


A few rules:

  • Content must be applicable to the theme of this website: The intersection of speculative fiction and disabilities.
  • Preference is given to disabled members of the speculative fiction community.
  • Be aware that the content on this website is subject to my edits, my acceptance, and my rejection. If I find that I have any questions about the content of your post, I will send it to a jury of disabled individuals in the genre (who have graciously offered to be of service in this regard) to approve or deny it. The majority vote rules (basically, if I have any questions about the nature of what you wrote, I will send it to the jury. If the jury rules that it should be allowed on the website, I’ll publish it. If they vote that it should not be allowed on the website, I will send you a kind “thanks, but no thanks” email.) If I see any issues that can be easily fixed, I will send you some edit suggestions.
  • Want me to review your book on Our Words? I’m game, but I suggest you check out my reviews on Bookworm Blues first to see my format, and how I generally write reviews (and read books). The rule here is, your book must involve disabilities in characters, social issues, or whatever else. It needs to have a theme that applies to this website.
  • If you’d like to do a regular feature, I’m open to it! Let’s talk!