Faces of Impact | Katie in Colorado

I’m self-employed. I need prescriptions and care to manage chronic health conditions and stay healthy and working. My clients are all small businesses. The artists, copy-writers, developers, videographers and more who I work with are all self-employed. If I can’t get affordable, comprehensive insurance like I do through the ACA then I will have to close my business and go back to working for a large company. So many of the people who I work with have said the same thing. The entire vibrant economic community I work in will disappear under the new AHCA bill.

– Katie, Colorado

Want to contribute? Send me a letter at sarah (at) our-words (dot) com with up to 100 words on how the proposed healthcare bill will impact you. Add your name and state, or just your state if you’d prefer to be anonymous, and a picture (or not, your choice). I will post these testimonials as I receive them. 

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