On Getting A Little Naked, and Why This Website Matters

Life has been a bit crazy these past few months due to health issues (surprise, surprise). Things have finally evened out a little, and I feel like I have the energy and brainpower to kick this website into gear again.


I have a very, very hard time talking about my own disease, that warped beast that rides on my shoulder. I mention it here and there. I talk to people about my symptoms, and commiserate, but I’ve never actually written about it. And that’s part of why this website went so quiet for a while. I feel kind of hypocritical starting up a website talking about disabilities, when I’ve never actually said much about mine (other than the fact that they exist). So, this post is to fix that. I’m going to undress a bit, dear reader, and get a little vulnerable for you. I’m going to tell you about my life with a chronic disease. Well, part of it. The part I can put into words, and maybe this journey under my skin and into my head and soul will possibly help you understand why this website is so important to me.

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