Details, Plans, and More

Well, it’s Wednesday, and things have been happening. I’ve had a few days to think about stuff and figure (some) things out (Wow, vague much?), so I decided it’s time to really detail my plans for this website so you know what I’m working towards in the immediate future, and maybe throw me some suggestions if you have any. That way you know I’m not just over here churning my wheels, and I put things down because lists are helpful.

First of all, huge thanks for being patient with me while I gather together new content and run around like the chaotic mess I really am. Also, it’s been so wonderful to have so much help spreading the word about this website. It’s been truly touching in so many ways, and I’ve loved this week because of all your kind thoughts, enthusiasm, and the help you’ve all given me with this website launch.

Next week I will start having some new content, interspersed with some reposts, which I do think are important to be revived a bit despite the fact that they are reposts. They are excellent articles that bring attention to very important disability-related topics.

Anyway, things I envision for this website, so you know what to expect in the near future-ish:

1. I am continuing the guest posts. I love them. I think they are interesting, and I love getting diverse perspectives about many, many facets of disabilities in the genre.
2. I have a few interviews out. Yay! And I really want to keep interviews going.
3. I have a few giveaways in the works.
4. I have launched the book club, which I really, really want to take off.
5. I am currently working on doing a series of questions and answers. The idea behind this actually came from a few convention panels I was on, focusing on the topic of disabilities in the genre. After each panel, a host of authors would stand up and ask a ton of very good, very important questions about writing disabilities. So I figured maybe I can try to bring something like that to my website. I’m not exactly sure the format yet, but the idea is that I will get questions about writing disabilities from people who wish to ask said questions, and then I will send those questions to a few disabled genre authors to answer in a panel sort of format. That will take time to figure out, but it will happen eventually.
6. I have received a handful of books this week to review for this website, so start expecting book reviews.
7. I am trying to drum up a bunch of people willing to write about accessibility issues at conventions. There was some noise about this topic last year, but con season is upon us, and I’d like to get some people over here who are willing to write about it. We need to make some more noise about this. It is so important.
8. I am working on getting some people who are willing to write/do regular features over here.

And that’s it for now. I have huge plans for this website, and these are just a few of the directions that I’m interested in going fairly soon. I have ideas for the far future, if this website ends up playing out the way I hope it will. In the meantime, thank you for being patient with me, and reading these reposts, while I get all of this new content going. It’s been wonderful to see all of your support, and all of the attention that this endeavor has gotten these past few days. If you’re interested in contributing, or just chucking me some ideas, feel free to read this, or email me anytime.

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